Something Blue

S O M E T H I N G B L U E | I just love when brides have unique and special “something blue” treasures!! Krissie’s comes from her grandmother who wore this blue glove at her own wedding. Cue the tears!!  ðŸ˜­

What was your something blue? Or what would you want your something blue to be?

Leave it to Cleaver Photography | Weddings

Daddy Daughter First Look

A father holds his daughter hand for a short while, but holds her heart forever. Today a bride, tomorrow a wife, and always your little girl. <3

Daddy Daughter First Look! Watch out here come the water works, I think I cried more with this first look then with my brides and grooms!! Such a special moment, thank you Krissie DeLuna and Rick White for letting me be a part of it!! 

Leave it to Cleaver Photography | Weddings  
More from the DeLuna Wedding coming soon!!

Happily Ever After

“Once upon a time I became yours and you became mine. And we’ll stay together through both the tears and laughter because that’s what they call happily ever after.” <3 Congratulations Victoria & Hannah! May your happily ever after be full of love and bliss.

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Mr. & Mrs. Nichols

Mr. & Mrs. Nichols <3 July 2, 2016

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Kami & Tarron Lane

“Love is intended to last longer then time, to span the veil of death and continue everlastingly”- Robert L. Millet

Congratulations Kami and Tarron! Thank you so much of letting me share this special day with you. I wish you all the happiness in the world as you start this new journey together.

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First Look

First Look! <3 This is my FAVORITE part of a wedding! There is so much love between these two, even I teared up during this special moment. Felicia and Cody your love for each other shines so bright and I am so glad I was able to be a part of this amazing day! More photos from their beautiful day coming soon!!

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Kristie & Adam

So excited to share Kristie and Adam’s engagement session! These two are absolutely stunning! I am so thrilled to be photographing their July 2016 wedding! <3

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Happy ONE Year Nolasco’s

Happy 4th of July!! Along with celebrating our nations birthday, happy ONE year anniversary to Callie and Lance! <3 I can’t believe it’s been a year already! I absolutely loved being a part of your special day and can’t wait to watch your family grow.

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